Tooth replacement and repair

If you have sustained damage to a tooth or have already lost some or all of them, we can discuss replacements such as crowns, bridgework, implants or natural-looking dentures.


Dental crowns are restorations which, when cemented into place, fully cover the portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line (as opposed to fillings, which fill or cover over just a portion of a tooth). Crowns offer the benefits of restoring teeth to their original shape, strengthening them, and also improving their cosmetic appearance. 

Ceramic Onlays

As an alternative to larger fillings and crowns, ceramic onlays now offer many advantages. They are very strong, look great, and require less tooth removal; additionally the material itself is more shock absorbing and kinder to the opposing teeth in the bite.


A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth by attaching to those on either side of the empty space. Teeth need each other for support and, when teeth are lost, the biting forces on those next to the space change, allowing them to shift. The same applies to opposing teeth when they have nothing to bite against. In fact the whole side of the mouth can be compromised by a single missing tooth, so gaps often really do require remedial action.

Fixed bridge

Stick-on bridge


The loss of some or all of your natural teeth can have a major impact on your life. Far more than simply compromising your chewing ability, losing many teeth often affects talking and laughing; this, in turn can mean losing your confidence and self-esteem.

By replacing some or all of your lost teeth, our natural-looking dentures can help improve your quality of life. 

Full denture

Dental Implants

Dental implants simulate natural teeth in appearance and function, and can replace anything from a single unit to a full arch. They look great, are long lasting and typically cause no more discomfort than having a simple filling. However as implants are relatively expensive and other options may be more appropriate in some cases, you should always discuss the possibilities with your dentist first.

In order that our patients receive the best possible care we work in partnership with the experienced team at The Implant Experts. The under the gum surgical phase of the treatment are carried out at their dedicated practice in Maidstone. We then look after the restorative part – the fitting of the crowns onto the implant posts.