Our Fees

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality dental care at very affordable prices. Below are some example fees as an outline guide – however once you have been seen for your initial consultation we’ll give you a treatment plan specific to your particular needs.


New patient examination £49
Routine examination £35
Small Radiograph (X-ray) each £9
Panoramic X-ray £40


Hygienist visit Short session £55
Full session £110
Non surgical intensive Periodontal treatment session £140

Following your dental examination and any necessary X-rays, your Dentist will discuss your treatment needs and preferences with you to produce a personalised printed treatment plan/estimate. Fees for many treatment items vary widely due to materials used, time involved and complexity. The figures below are basic guidelines.

Covid levy £5-£10 depending on PPE required for nonAGP/AGP (air generated procedure)


Amalgam filling (Silver): from £55
Composite filling (White): from £65


Home whitening from £284
Zoom (in surgery whitening) from £395
Enlighten from £440


Porcelain bonded to metal crown/ bridge unit from £380
Emax (metal free) crown from £440
Adhesive bridge Per Unit from £240
Re-cement existing crown/bridge from £65
Porcelain veneer from £340


Acrylic partial upper or lower from £480 for basic grade
Acrylic full upper and lower from £750 for basic grade
Metal framework upper or lower from £750
Repair or addition of a tooth to an existing denture from £90


Root canal treatment – single rooted tooth from £250
Root canal treatment – molar tooth from £440
Extraction – uncomplicated case from £65
Surgical Extraction Quoted individually
Gum shield or soft occlusal splint from £95 each
Implants & Orthodontics Quoted individually
Invisalign Single arch £2500
Invisalign Both arches £3800